The Cola Wars by Philjames
Anyone who’s wandered past centuries-old masterpieces in a major art gallery and found themselves thinking about cartoons instead will feel right at home with the work of Sydney artist Philjames. This collection of paintings adorns the old with the new – or sabotages the classical and traditional with the crass and disposable, depending on your point of view. As someone who grew up with The Simpsons at home and religious imagery at school, it’s a little unsettling to see them both in the one place. And yet it makes perfect sense.

So, with escalating levels of offensiveness, expect the following: Queen Elizabeth II depicted with cartoon bulging eyes and a waggling tongue; a nun grappling with temptation, an angel and devil perched on each shoulder; the Virgin Mary cradling a mutant version of Spongebob; and Jesus Christ wearing a Lisa Simpson T-shirt while carrying the cross on his back.

The Cola Wars by Philjames is at Nicholas Thompson Gallery until May 19.