Genevieve Felix Reynolds
Genevieve Felix Reynolds is a visual artist fascinated by the progression of history. Or, as she puts it, “the journey of an object from something in its original context – in a temple or somebody’s home – and how that is translated over time, breaks down and reforms through photography and through being resituated in museums and archives and books”.

Reynolds works with oil and acrylic paints as well as animation, sculpture and architectural elements, incorporating classical imagery and digital components. In Health, her 2019 solo exhibition at Galerie Pompom in Chippendale, Reynolds examined the relationship between three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional screens. “Most of us don’t go a whole day without looking at multiple screens,” she says. “It’s very common for us to experience artworks and objects through a little flattened screen.” The result, she says, is “we’re losing touch with the natural world and relying on representations of real things instead of the real things themselves”.

Recognition for Reynolds’ work includes the Paddington Painting Prize Young Artist Award, which she won in 2016, and the 2019 Sunshine Coast Art Prize Artist Residency. A three-month residency in Los Angeles in 2016 was another career highlight. “That really helped shape what I’m making today.”

Residencies and supported studio programs are incredibly useful, she says. “They give you time to progress and experiment, which you’re often too busy to do. Depending on where the residencies are, they let you connect with local communities and professional networks.”

The live/work program at William Street Creative Hub, “gives me the space – and headspace – to focus,” says Reynolds. “It takes a lot of pressure off the financial aspects of art-making, which are often quite stressful.”